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Asset Data Management

Centralised, searchable asset data,
and drawings

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Accurate engineering and asset data, anytime and anywhere

With RedEye DMS easily find the latest asset information, ensure efficient workflows and approvals and work effectively with external contractors in a common data environment.

Remove duplicates

Eliminate silos, duplication, uncontrolled data and manual processes

Unlimited users

Invite staff and contractors in with unlimited user licenses

Securely store

Securely find, view, mark-up, version, workflow and control access in the cloud

Improve safety

Use accurate asset information to plan work and make decisions

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Keep your team and assets connected with a visual work management tool that provides assets in real-time


Plan, schedule, assign or create ad-hoc work for field staff and contractors using standardised forms and work instructions


Create and update custom attributes for assets and issues with a full audit history including geo tagging and timestamps

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Receive real-time feedback from the field with reviews and approvals, ensuring that work quality and business processes are maintained


Associated relevant files and engineering data to work, assets, locations and issues

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RedEye Bushfire Management Platform

bushfire protection technology for asset owners & critical infrastructure operators

A first-to-market innovation, this technology integrates a scientific approach to bushfire management for asset owners and critical infrastructure operators to protect against the effects of bushfire disasters.

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Purpose built for your industry

Learn how our purpose built technology for asset operations and maintenance will work for you

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Oil & Gas
Infrastructure roads transport
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What our customers say about us

Striving to help our customers solve their data and workforce problems


"RedEye came along at just the right time. We had some old systems in place for the best part of 20 years, and a huge drawing collection... What we've been able to do is have the people that are working with that asset quickly markup a drawing and the turnaround time for that drawing to be visible for the rest of our Snowy population."

Nick Skobelkin
Asset Management & Engineering

"RedEye became the single point of truth - if it wasn't in RedEye, it's not accurate. The marking up of drawings has been a bit of a revolution - it's given us great mobility, and it's given us great accuracy.

It allows us to respond a lot quicker to issues we have in the hospital."

Bruce Bonney
Facilities Maintenance Manager

"It's a really valuable product. It's going to help us immensely. I can download drawings in preparation, even if I'm going to an area with no mobile access. I can search for drawings by name. It's very easy to do markups. It's easy to forward onto the next person to check markups and approve. Easy to learn."

Jason Harrison
Team Lead Substation Construction

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