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RedEye integrates with Microsoft 365 to easily manage critical infrastructure operations globally


Asset owners and critical infrastructure operators from the power, water, government, natural resources and renewable energy industries, will now be able to manage engineering documentation and execute safer maintenance work with one single source of data truth through RedEye’s integration to Microsoft 365.

About the Integration

Queensland-founded-turned-global digital technology company - RedEye Apps – has integrated with Microsoft to unlock safety and efficiency improvements for the world’s critical assets and infrastructure.

With this new interoperability, all asset documentation such as instructions, permits, manuals, procedures and test sheets can now be stored, accessed, and edited in Microsoft 365 from within the RedEye platform.

Now more than ever, making important asset, operational and project information easier to access, use, update and manage by staff and contractors will ensure the critical services provided by these organisations aren’t disrupted.

Driving efficiency for key industries

Chief Technology Officer for RedEye, Jenny Johnson, said the Microsoft 365 integration will drive significant efficiencies across key industries for both national and international markets.

“Across the globe, our clients rely on the ability to access their asset drawings and artefacts from the RedEye platform – it’s how they control version accuracy and execute safe and efficient maintenance work.

With the Microsoft 365 integration, a field worker sent to work on an asset can now not only access the latest version of the engineering drawings, 3D models and data with certainty, but also view and edit any associated manuals, configuration guides and permits in Microsoft 365 from the same location.

We expect this will shave more than 30% off the time spent looking for asset documentation, especially from in the field, because everything is now in one spot accessible from anywhere” Ms Johnson said.

“Integrating RedEye with Microsoft 365 brings functionality that will shape a new wave of change within a number of key industries,” said Daniel Canning, director, product marketing, Microsoft 365 at Microsoft. “Customers can take advantage of RedEye solutions to manage asset and engineering data within Microsoft 365.”

The integration with Microsoft will further enhance an organisation’s ability to rely on a single source of truth for its asset and critical infrastructure information to drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in resource savings and improve safe work practices.



Improving the way you work

Wayne Gerard, CEO and Co-Founder of RedEye said the integration with Microsoft is just one example of how the company is helping clients improve the way they work, increasing safety, efficiency and collaboration.

“2020 illustrated our strength very clearly – helping our clients make evidence-based decisions with data in their hands when they need it most – and we are building on that strength with the Microsoft integration to provide increased functionality from the same central point for our clients.

I don’t think anyone can say with certainty what 2021 will bring in terms of challenges, but one thing remains certain and that’s our commitment to keeping the world’s critical infrastructure running” Mr Gerard said.

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