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Elevating your workflow: inside RedEye's Upload 3.0

Breaking down Upload 3.0's enhancements


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We are thrilled to introduce the newest feature enhancement to our RedEye platform, Upload 3.0. Developed with our users' needs at the forefront, this upgrade promises to improve your workflow and enhance efficiency.

Our latest upgrade offers a range of new features, designed to optimise your workflow and amplify your user experience:

  1. Streamlined Procedure: Uploading hundreds of engineering drawings and documents is no small task. With our previous upload versions, you may have faced long wait times, interruptions to your workflow, and even potential errors. But with Upload 3.0, this potentially daunting task is transformed – it's efficient, and incredibly streamlined with a new simplified process that’s more intuitive to reduce errors and training time.

  2. Background Processing: You've got work to do, and we've got you covered. Upload your files and move on with your tasks. The system will handle the processing and notify you once your upload is complete.

  3. Advanced Validation: No more hassles with duplicates and incorrect file uploads. Our pre-upload validation feature ensures the accuracy of your records.

  4. Customisable Governance: Take control with the ability to customise upload functionality to suit your organisation's unique needs.

  5. Completion Notifications: Stay updated without constant monitoring. We’ll send you an email notification upon successful upload completion.

  6. Clarified Error Messages: Troubleshoot with ease. Our enhanced error messages provide you with clear insights into any issues during the upload process.

These features are designed to fit seamlessly into your work process, boosting productivity and streamlining your user experience. With Upload 3.0, every document controller or admin creating new engineering records has a tool that works smarter and harder.

We've developed Upload 3.0 to make your work with RedEye more efficient and enjoyable. We can't wait for you to explore these new features. Ready to take your RedEye experience to the next level?

Speak to your Bucket Administrator or Customer Success Manager about activating Upload 3.0 today.

Happy uploading!


How do I access the new upload?
You're just a step away from utilising Upload 3.0. Your Bucket Administrator can activate the new upload functionality through a Bucket Administration configuration flag.

Can I still access the current version? We're keeping our previous upload versions available for now. Should we decide to retire these versions, we’ll provide you with ample notice and support during your transition.

Are there any additional costs? 
No, Upload 3.0 is included free in all our plans, providing you with added value without added costs.

Does the new pre-upload validation replace any existing functionality?
No, existing functionality that validates file data during creation such as CAD tag extraction, binary duplicate checking, font and plot style validation and XREF checking are still undertaken. The pre-upload validation is a quick validation based on selected file names, file extensions etc.

What happens if I encounter an error during the upload process?
You will receive a notification to let you know if your file fails the pre-upload validation or encounters an error during upload.

Where can I find a help guide for these changes?
Need more information? A comprehensive support document is available on intercom to guide you through the updates.

What if I have other questions?
Our support team and your Customer Success Manager are available to help with any queries.

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