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COMPLIANCE & GOVERNANCE powered by robust audit trail capabilities

Empower your organization with the transparency needed to enhance compliance and reinforce governance. With comprehensive revision logging, version control, workflows, user and artifact reporting, and data security measures, RedEye provides complete traceability and accountability, ensuring your organisation stays compliant.

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Easy compliance

Make compliance easy with RedEye's audit trail capabilities. Stay compliant effortlessly with complete traceability and accountability


Ensure governance

Strengthen governance with RedEye's powerful workflows and transparent reporting. Prevent unauthorised actions and gain valuable insights into engineering record usage.

Leading security

Leading security

Protect the sovereignty of your engineering drawing data with RedEye's ISO 27001 compliant solution. Onshore storage on secure AWS servers ensures data privacy and compliance.

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How Bengal Energy Transformed Document Control for Scalable Growth

Discover how Bengal Energy leveraged RedEye's engineering drawing management solution to enhance asset management and compliance in Australia's remote Cooper Basin. Learn about their transformation towards efficient, scalable operations and effective legislative compliance

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Drawing Integrity

Drawing integrity

Guarantee the precision of your engineering records with version control and de-duping tools.  Seamlessly track changes, compare versions, and visualize modifications with complete assurance.

Data-driven insights

Data-driven insights

Gain vital insights with advanced reporting to understand EDMS usage, user activity, changes made and the status of engineering records and workflows.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows

Streamline drawing management processes with automated workflows. Set up custom workflows and approval processes that match your specific needs and requirements.

Compare revisions

Compare revisions

Compare and track drawing versions to maintain accuracy and traceability. Choose Overlay or Split views to easily identify differences and save time in the process.

Secure access control

Secure access control

Control access to engineering drawings and other sensitive documents with granular permissions and role-based access, ensuring the security and integrity of your data.

perserve data

Preserve data

Place drawings in legal hold to preserve and protect information during legal matters and investigations, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal risks.

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“I know where to look and I find it there. That, in terms of compliance, is pretty important to us.”

Kai Eberspaecher, Chief Operating Officer 
Bengal Energy

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