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ENGINEERING DOCUMENTS available anywhere, anytime

RedEye centralizes engineering documents and drawings into a cloud-based document management system that allows users to store, share, markup and manage engineering documents and drawings securely from any device.

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hub for engineering drawings

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Transform your way of working with a modern, centralized repository for your engineering drawings, documents and media. Provide instant access to critical information to staff and contractors, promoting efficiency and safety.  

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Mobilizing your team on Desktop, iOS, and Android, our platform provides access to crucial information, whether in the office or on the go. Our offline mode ensures uninterrupted work in areas with no internet. 

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Optimize operations with reliable, real-time access to version-controlled asset data. Streamline tasks with powerful workflows, enhance collaboration, and reduce errors for a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

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Safeguard intellectual property, ensure legal hold compliance, enhance safety by leveraging accurate engineering drawings, streamline processes, and reinforce safety protocols for a secure, compliant, and protected operation.

Trusted engineering information management platform for $450 billion worth of assets worldwide

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