RedEye's EDMS

Engineering Drawing and Document Management

Address the most urgent issues that your team faces. Capture legacy knowledge. Provide your teams with the latest and most accurate information they need anytime, anywhere.

Avoid their wasting time trying to find the right information about assets. Make sure changes are captured. RedEye's EDMS provides a solid digital foundation for your digital transformation.

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The most accurate engineering drawings and documents accessible anywhere, anytime

When your teams can easily access version-controlled engineering drawings and documents in real-time, they are safer and more productive.

Bring data together: 

We’ll help you find, digitize, reconcile, and consolidate engineering drawings and documents from any source. We eliminate redundant data and set-up document control workflows to keep the information up-to-date and accurate.

Mobilize your teams efficiently:

Your teams will be able to instantly find, modify and securely share accurate asset data on-the-go using any device. Our interfaces are designed for mobile.

Track all changes:

Markup, compare and approve changes to all data, including native CAD files and scanned paper documents. See all changes over time. Gain a robust audit trail.

Power up with rapid search:

By adding metadata, and applying templates and standard, your teams will find what they need quickly. Our search function can pick up every detail. QR codes can be used to provide your teams a shortcut to relevant info.

Protect your data:

Invite users in to a common data environment, rather than sending content out into the world. Precisely control your versions, copyright and proprietary information.

Grant everyone on your teams access:

RedEye is designed for multiple users and to help you ensure everyone on your teams has access to the latest and most accurate information. RedEye's EDMS  scales with you as your team grows and simplifies working with contractors.


Confident your team is using the right engineering drawings and documents?


Eliminate wasted time

Those who operate and maintain assets can spend 50% of their time on mundane admin tasks like finding the most up-to-date, as-built drawings.

With RedEye's EDMS, we cut out this time. When everyone involved in a project can easily find, edit and share version-controlled asset data in real-time, it frees your teams to focus on proactive asset management.

Find data fast with keyword search tools
Automate tasks with configured workflows
easily add and markup drawings
via our mobile apps


Only takes 10 minutes to master   

RedEye DMS on Microsoft Surface Studio

Experience an easy to use platform

RedEye is built to help your teams have access to the most accurate engineering drawings and documents anytime, anywhere. RedEye is powerful yet easy to use. RedEye's EDMS  is different because it ensures asset data is conveniently at hand, searchable, and can always be counted on.

Intuitive, secure and mobile-friendly design 
In-app tools to view, edit and upload multiple data types 
Integrates with your enterprise systems (ERP, EAM) 


Always use the correct versions to avoid costly errors 

RedEye DMS

Accurate engineering drawings and documents with rigorous workflows

Unreliable asset information results in expensive and avoidable mistakes, downtime, and a poor customer experience. RedEye's EDMS  helps you run a safer, more cost-effective and compliant operation.

Improve workplace safety and compliance 
Enhance internal and external collaboration 
Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) 

What our customers say about RedEye DMS

Our data management system is trusted across industries. 

RedEye Client Head Shots-01
Steve Swinson
President & CEO, TECO
"The benefits were immediate with search times for critical information reduced from what was sometimes days or weeks down to seconds even before full implementation. We are facing into the reality that many of our staff are retiring in the coming years and we want to ensure knowledge of our infrastructure is passed through to our young engineers and operators – RedEye is helping make that happen.”
mark brownley general manager sa power networks
Mark Brownley
General Manager, SA Power Networks

“RedEye automates the whole markup process from beginning to end… Ultimately that means a safer, more productive workforce.”

Detlef Murach BC Hospital
Detlef Murach
Building Document Controller, Children's Health Queensland

"The most important thing for me is the metadata - being able to alter the metadata to suit my situation, being able to view the metadata and search it to get a drawing quickly."

Let us show you how RedEye's EDMS can equip your teams with the information they need 

Get in touch to schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn how you can benefit from adopting RedEye's EDMS

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