Our Vision

We’ve got our sights on end-to-end transformation of asset management

Revolutionizing operations of the world’s critical infrastructure is what drives the RedEye team. To achieve change for the better, you need to make adaptation and renewal part of your everyday approach. Here at RedEye, looking ahead and laying the foundation for continued success is central to how we work.

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Data is driving a dramatic shift

The way you design, plan, construct, operate, maintain and upgrade large complex assets and critical infrastructure is evolving quickly. Managing this complexity at scale requires an interconnected view of assets.

Asset and operational data must be available, usable and valuable to ensure your team can capably do their work and draw insights required to improve planning, compliance, reporting and overall performance. Bringing your asset data together is key to progressing digital transformation.

Cloud-based asset data management solutions integrated with your core systems and optimized business processes offers a scalable and future-proofed approach—it saves time, improves safety, enables a mobile workforce, and delivers cost savings. It also makes it easier to incorporate promising new technology and data—and realize its full potential.

Our apps are the best on the market when it comes to being able to easily find and use accurate asset data and engineering drawings, and manage work in the field. Digitizing these aspects of how you work is critical, but in many ways it’s just the start of a transformative journey.

Join us in reinventing asset management

In line with our vision of making your data more available, usable and valuable—we’re committed to improving our solutions to let you capitalize on your asset data in more sophisticated ways.

1. Evolve our product into a platform

Making asset data a true profit and efficiency-driver across your operation requires a more holistic suite of features, which is why our ultimate aim is to create an integrated platform. More functionality: one unified and intuitive interface.

2. Support richer data sets

In the future, RedEye users will be able to capture more data in more formats including 3D drawings, IIoT, information from your control room, and data from across your digital ecosystem. Furthermore, our analytics capabilities and dashboards will evolve to help you use this data, in conjunction with clever algorithms, in even more predictive and proactive ways.

3. Embrace new technologies

We’ll continue to incorporate and support your adoption of cutting-edge technologies, like our digital twin models. Future integration of tech like IoT, AI, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality will support real-time spatial models that allow asset managers to intuitively simulate, analyse and predict asset condition.

The future is unified, data-driven, and exciting

It’s easy to work with RedEye to augment your existing business systems and make digital engineering practices part of your day-to-day. But we see so many more opportunities to help you gain value from all of the data related to your assets, across every stage of an asset’s lifecycle.

We’re imagining a future where enterprise SaaS delivers the depth of capability that critical asset managers need to achieve incredible prescience and real-time operational control, yet significantly simplify their IT stack.

This vision is being realised with increasing velocity. A number of exciting new products and services are coming in 2021.

If you want to learn more about partnering with us on your digital transformation journey, get in touch.

Wayne Gerard
Co-founder & CEO of RedEye Apps.

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