Our solutions

Your teams need the right information at their fingertips at all times so that they can safely and effectively operate and maintain your company’s assets. We deliver solutions that make asset data entirely available and usable so that your organization is safer, less frustrated and more efficient.

Cloud-first software

Flexible and asset-centric SaaS solution

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Tailor-made for you

Our cloud-first software has been developed hand-in-glove with people who operate and maintain complex facilities. Our modules made with your industry’s particulars in mind and are also incredibly easy to use and implement.

Asset management

Two modules for asset data management and work management (with more to come).

Build your stack

Adopt each app separately or combine them for richer data and collaboration.


Use via a web browser or intuitive mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Easy integration

Easily integrate our apps with an existing. enterprise, design or mapping systems.

Work with us

Benefit from software built alongside asset managers

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Expert consulting: 
improve technical and business processes for asset data management.
Remarkable technology:  
secure and user-friendly SaaS applications.
Smooth transitions:  
help to set-up data, workflows, training, and integrations, to start sooner.  

redeye dms

Manage asset data and engineering drawings with ease

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Take control of your data

Achieve a single source of truth for all of the content that describes your assets and ensure that all latest modifications are approved and recorded.

Give anyone controlled access to view and markup data or drawings without any chance of creating duplicates or documents that are out-of-date.

Consolidate data

You’ll quickly be able to see, search and update the most current information.

Keep control

Invite users in, rather than send data out, to control your versions and your IP.

Unlimited users

Ensure your entire team and external contractors are always on the same page.


redeye wfm

Work management for better maintenance and insights

Connect your field technicians and contractors to asset data from multiple sources to streamline maintenance and audit work.


Improve data with RedEye

Stay on top of issues and regular maintenance across every location.

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Plan and schedule work

Stay on top of issues and regular maintenance across every location

See performance

Track and approve work in progress. Gain insights via reporting dashboards.   

Improve compliance

Create your own forms/lists to guide consistent quality and safety checks.  


Our other solutions

RedEye offers a range of software modules to help you improve the way you manage your assets.

asset data management
RedEye DMS

Use RedEye DMS to superbly organize, find, markup and share accurate asset data and engineering drawings.

Power 295 x 200-1

Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and desire to see you succeed across a diverse range of industries. 

Be impressed by the simplicity
of our solutions

Because we focus solely on providing a clear picture of asset data, our solutions are without equal when it comes to relevance and usability for asset managers. We offer one-on-one demos so you can see for yourself.

Call: +1 833 733 3931

email: northamerica@redeye.co 

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