RedEye DMS + IBM Maximo

Powering up your document and drawing management ecosystem with RedEye DMS

Users of IBM Maximo already know that this powerful cloud-based asset management platform helps organizations to optimize asset performance, extend asset lifecycles and improve operational performance. Now, additional integration capabilities with RedEye DMS provide key stakeholders with direct access to relevant documents, drawings and media through the Maximo interface.

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Seamless access to drawings through RedEye


As organizations progress down their path of digital transformation, the need for tighter interoperability between multiple technology stacks is becoming ever more critical. This new integration between IBM Maximo and RedEye, delivered by Clarita Solutions - a COSOL Company, powers up the drawing and document management capabilities in Maximo like never before.

Engineering Drawing and Data Management

Single source of truth for asset data and artefacts

No switching between systems

Stay in Maximo while searching for relevant engineering documents, drawings and media stored in RedEye.

Improve productivity

Easily add new documents to RedEye from the asset record, saving time and improving user adoption through ease of use.

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Save time by eliminating re-work
Drawings can also be marked up in RedEye and changes are available in real time in Maximo without delay.


Reduce risk

Ensure field crews, contractors, and all relevant users have access to the most up-to-date version of critical asset-related drawings and documents.

Maximo, RedEye and Clarita
- setting new standards in engineering drawing and document management

Our vision with the Maximo and RedEye integration is to provide unparalleled operational oversight of critical infrastructure asset data, for improved visibility and control
Improve productivity

Save time by staying in the system you know, to access the engineering documents, drawings and media you need - from any anywhere and any device.

A secure, integrated digital ecosystem

Not only does RedEye integrate with Maximo, but it compliments and extends DMS functionality into your existing ERP, GIS, safety and other core business systems.

Expert implementation advice

As an IBM Maximo Asset Management Gold accredited partner, Clarita can support your organization to identify and implement best practice for asset, document and drawing management.

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