Redeye & Ellipse EAM

Maximise your Ellipse EAM investment with RedEyeDMS

Managing complex assets and critical infrastructure at scale requires an interconnected view. When asset and operational data is seamlessly integrated, organisations can draw insights required to improve planning, compliance, reporting and overall performance. This integration between Ellipse® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and RedEye DMS combines proven drawing and document management capabilities with world-class asset management capabilities.

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Ellipse EAM + RedEyeDMS

One-click access to drawings and documents

Deep linking of asset data

Users of Ellipse EAM can now make their asset engineering data more available, usable, and valuable, through this new integration with RedEye DMS. The integration helps to instil best practices and processes to help organisations manage, maintain and optimise critical assets throughout their lifecycle.

Engineering Drawing and Data Management

Single source of truth for asset data and artefacts

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Directly launch RedEye from Ellipse EAM

Access relevant engineering documents, drawings and media for a particular piece of equipment in the Ellipse Equipment Register Application, or other applications such as Work Orders and Work Requests.


Improve productivity

Minimise search time, as the application automatically populates the search criteria for a particular piece of equipment, then returns the relevant information.

Improve efficiency with RedEye DMS

A secure digital ecosystem


Reduce the time and cost of re-drafting

Drawings can be marked up in RedEye, with changes available seamlessly, in real time. Keeping drawings current, cuts down the need to re-draft them.


Reduce risk

Ensure all relevant Ellipse EAM users have access to the most up-to-date version of critical asset-related artefacts.

Building value into asset data to streamline asset management

This integration aims to provide unparalleled operational oversight of critical infrastructure asset data, for improved visibility and control
Find information faster

Save time by staying in the system you know, to access the asset documents, drawings and media you need.

Enhance existing workflows

Integrating key asset data within existing workflows ensures the value of asset data increases over time.

A secure, integrated digital ecosystem

As well as integrating with Ellipse EAM, RedEye compliments and extends DMS functionality into your existing ERP, GIS, safety and other core business systems.

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