RedEye Consultant Services

Drive more value with RedEye+

Is maintaining your DMS consuming the time of valuable staff that could be better utilised on other priorities? Are you struggling in maintaining compliance and unsure if your workflow setup is best practise?

RedEye+ is a service offering from RedEye, which delivers additional resources to your team to help you drive more value from RedEye DMS, whilst letting your team focus on what matters.


Maintain compliance and integrity

Large enterprises with complex workforce requirements face ever-increasing training and compliance burdens as they work to maintain data integrity.

RedEye+ tackles this burden, reducing training costs and freeing up internal resources by providing your workforce with access to on-demand online training.


Outsource time-consuming admin

Staying on top of artefact creation in asset-intensive organisations can occupy the time of key personnel, who could be otherwise better utilised. Roadblocks from inefficient workflows and processes, create unnecessary delays for approvals impacting your team's efficiency.

RedEye+ solves these problems by giving your organisation access to a dedicated RedEye expert, who can take care of time-consuming administration and remove inefficiencies that are causing approval delays.

How RedEye+ can help you

Metadata Management

Make your documents more discoverable with strong metadata, reducing the time your users spend searching for the information they need. Gain support in creating new metadata, updating existing, visualised metadata management, CAD tag management and more.

Workflow Management

Speed up approvals and internal processes with the right workflow strategy. Gain assistance with the set up of groups, roles, control of transactions, monitoring, follow-up actions and reporting.


Gain support in onboarding new internal and external users, ensuring users are up and running quickly and operating compliant with your organisation's processes.

Maintain Data Integrity

Maintain the integrity of your engineering information in accordance with your agreed standards. Monitor new artefact uploads and metadata, empower users to update metadata and support sites to identify and consolidate relevant engineering information into RedEye DMS.

Process Improvement

Meet organisational objectives, improve data quality and remove bottlenecks with proactive insights and recommendations into how you can improve your engineering information management and system configuration.

Increase User Engagement

Gain assistance in supporting internal and external teams in setting up and delivering engineering data management aspects for projects. Make data available to other departments to drive operational efficiencies.

Online Learning Portal

Access our digital Learning Management System to provide existing and new users immediate access to the training they need, all without the need for you to send a resource on-site.

Reporting and Insights

Gain a better understanding of how your data is performing in RedEye DMS uncovering insights and recommendations on your activity, bottlenecks, data quality, and more.​

Data and Integrations

Drive more value out of your assets by connecting RedEye DMS with other critical organisational software. Work with our team to discuss and understand how to meet your business requirements.