Asset data management solutions for healthcare facility operations


Asset data and drawing management for hospitals and critical care providers 

RedEye's SaaS solutions enable a single source of operational truth through an interconnected digital ecosystem. Sharing data with contractors and staff in a secure and compliant way ensures facilities management teams can focus on what’s important – delivering optimum facilities operations to support ideal patient care.

An interconnected digital ecosystem

RedEye integrates with your existing business infrastructure to power a digital ecosystem that can deliver data and insights for precise decision making and efficient operations. Our platforms integrate with, compliment and extend your existing ERP, EAM, GIS, Safety and other core business systems.

The insights you need when you need them the most

Native iOS and Android apps allow users to quickly access the platform from their mobile phone, tablet or web browser. This allows digital red pen mark-ups, automated workflows, digital signatures, multimedia attachments and more, from the office, in the field and at the asset.

Minimising risk to help keep your people safe

Ensuring version control means you are assured anyone accessing asset data and drawings is referring to the most current information whether they are at a desk or in front of an asset. Protect your workforce, execute safe maintenance work and minimise risk of workplace safety incidents.  

case study

An interconnected digital ecosystem powering optimum healthcare facilities

Learn how RedEye became a single source of operational truth for the Queensland Children's Health team to manage more than 45,000 engineering drawings and 20 contractors. 

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