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At RedEye, we’ve built a culture where everyone not only has a chance to provide their own perspectives, but are actively encouraged to do so. For us, being inclusive means having each other's backs, and because of this, we’re able to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions that are born from a collection of unique voices.

Since 2012 we’ve been on this journey of creating remarkable experiences that keep the world’s critical infrastructure operating.

Our Employee Value Proposition is our ‘how’ when we talk about the fact that we ‘get shit done’:

“We support remarkable people to create remarkable experiences for organisations that empower the world. As we grow, we’re creating new opportunities for our people. We’ve always had fast feedback, we’ve emphasised flexibility, or what we call, work-life integration, and we’re developing innovative tech, together. This is how we empower our people to empower the world”

If you’re picturing what a remarkable career at RedEye could look like, we’ve listed our current opportunities below, we’d love to talk about the difference you could make.

Nathan Fregonia

Nathan Fregona

Talent Acquisition Specialist 

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Louise Sharman

Head of Culture & People 

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