Case Study

SSR Mining

In 2015, Turkey’s largest gold producer, SSR Mining (formerly Anagold Madencilik), initiated the $700 million Çöpler Sulfide Expansion Project (ÇSEP), which aimed to extend the Çöpler mine life by 20 years.

Achieving the successful construction and handover of this complex project required close collaboration between Anagold’s owners, internal teams and contractors around the world. The need for a system which centralized all ÇSEP data with legacy operations data into a single source of truth, became critical.

Download this case study to learn:

  • How RedEyeDMS enabled just two document controllers to manage vast amounts of project data and drawings throughout and after the project
  • One key approach Anagold took at the outset of the project to build ongoing value into its
    cloud-based DMS and data assets
  • How the operations team now uses tailored workflows to inform key business processes,

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