Case study

Yarra Valley Water

As part of providing water and sewage services to two million people and nearly 60,000 businesses across Melbourne, Yarra Valley Water manages $5 billion worth of critical infrastructure assets. 

When its legacy drawing management system could no longer manage native CAD files, the water provider embarked on a digital transformation of the management of its as-built drawings and specifications.

Yarra Valley Water now uses RedEye as its single source of truth for all asset-related drawings, documents, models and media. 

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  • The implementation of RedEye is enabling one third of the organisation to quickly and easily find drawings and documents, resulting in 10,000 searches and 300 document markups every month
  • The water provider is regaining control of the intellectual property of its drawings from suppliers, while also improving the quality of the outputs provided by suppliers
  • Yarra Valley Water has used RedEye to streamline the design process for its assets, leading to $2.5 million in potential design cost savings

Managing over $350 billion in assets with our clients.

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