Field work management

What happens if a critical step is skipped during a job or inspection? Or a scheduling conflict extends the length of unplanned downtime? You don’t need better contingencies, you need a better way to manage work. RedEyeWFM brings order to how you plan and conduct work, and how you collect and process data from the field.

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Benefit from effective & timely field work

Get oversight of maintenance and issues, so you can act on data from the field.

Deliver better work:

Coordinate jobs more efficiently, ensure field workers have relevant info and correct asset data, and review and approve work as it happens.

Improve consistency:

Apply standard forms and punch lists, and ensure every site uses the same data capture tools. Simpler systems enable richer data collection.

Process in real-time:

No more waiting for workers to provide forms, or manual data entry. Instant visibility of work in progress and info that needs to be actioned.

Made for mobile:

Native apps for Android and iOS that users love, with logical workflows and offline capabilities for use in remote locations.

Unlimited user licensing:

Enable anyone to issue requests, receive instructions, and access data including staff, field workers, and external contractors.

Easy to scale:

Is your network or asset footprint expanding? Get SaaS flexibility that actually helps you increase maintenance efficiency as you grow.

immediate impact, lasting benefit

Improve your field work outputs, immediately

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Avoid mistakes, delays, and manual processing

RedEye WFM makes it painless to mobilize workers across multiple sites, and put the right details and instructions at their fingertips. The result? Faster and more effective maintenance—or any asset-related activity like audits, inspections and training.

Collaborate, track progress, and approve work in real-time
Easily capture & process data about asset condition
Identify and raise issues on-the-go and prioritise work

redeye wfm in action

A water pipe bursts…
how does RedEye WFM help?

Watch the product in action

Let Jaimie from RedEye show you how our app helps you from the moment you’re made aware of a problem—step by step. The situation may be hypothetical, but the benefits of using RedEye WFM are real.

improve field work processes for lifetime value

Extend the life of facilities and assets

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See all your data, from one place

If field work doesn’t enhance the longevity and uptime of assets, it affects customers, your ability to operate safely, and your bottom line.

RedEye WFM offers a single interface where you can see all data from the field for analysis and audits. Built-in dashboards provide insights into asset condition over time, opportunities to reduce risk, and how to manage personnel.

Understand performance with intuitive dashboards
Reduce costly errors, rework, and safety incidents
Standardize tasks to improve quality and compliance

Flexible use cases for field service, facilities and contractor management 



Inspections and audits


Pre-startup Safety Review (PSSR)  


Punch lists and checklists 


 Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) 


Issue management 


Permit to work (PTW)


Incident reporting


Management of Change (MOC) 


Work orders and packs


Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) 


Work instructions


Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)  


Proof of work  


Environmental Impact Assessment 


Site security

  icon-tick Inductions and certification

Our other solutions

RedEye offers a range of software modules to help you improve the way you manage your assets.

RedEye DMS
RedEye DMS

Use RedEye DMS to superbly organize, find, markup and share accurate asset data and engineering drawings.

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Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and desire to see you succeed across a diverse range of industries. 

See RedEye WFM in action

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