RedEye Digital twin

Digital Twin: manage assets using 3D models

Put yourself in a position to digitally explore live data from assets to allow for in-depth analysis and more targeted maintenance. Digital Twin lets you see asset condition and issues in context, within a 3D visualisation of your as-built asset. Use RedEye Digital Twin to detect patterns, guide precise field work, and test scenarios.

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Benefit from virtual access to actionable asset data

RedEye Digital Twin gives you a digital edge when it comes to managing O&M issues.

Make assets more predictable:

Analyse what’s happening and potential issues, without being on-site. Improve predictive maintenance and reduce costly, unplanned work.

Evaluate and future-proof:

Simulate events and conditions within asset models to test your processes, optimise performance, and develop future plans with greater rigour.

Improve work management:

Enable field workers to complete inspections and pinpoint issues via 3D models, and capture live data about assets to keep enriching your models.

track asset status using 3D models

What could you learn from
a constantly evolving asset model?

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Replicas that improve performance

RedEye Digital Twin is a dynamic digital representation of any physical asset. With 3D models that reflect asset condition in the real world, you can continuously push for better operations and maintenance outcomes from anywhere.

3D models update in real-time as data from the field is captured
Your analytical & predictive power increases as models evolve over time
Digital twins can be linked for a holistic view of critical asset networks


Leverage data from the field for asset insights

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Embrace digital twin without the need for IIoT

Digital twin dovetails with our intuitive software for work management. Bring your digital twin to life with operational data your team collects in the field, and assign work orders directly from the model. RedEye WFM enables real-time connectivity and workers can also access 3D models via the app to help complete inspections and record issues.
Harness unlimited field workers and contractors to feed live data into models
Connect the office & field with a clear, visual, and shared data set
Apply digital twin now & create a base for IIoT adoption in future

Our other solutions

RedEye offers a range of software modules to help you improve the way you manage your assets.

redeye dms digital asset management
RedEye DMS

Use RedEye DMS to superbly organise, find, markup and share accurate asset data and engineering drawings. 

redeye wfm work flow management
RedEye WFM

Use RedEyeWFM to improve how your team conducts work on-site, collects data about asset health, and completes audits. 

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Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and desire to see you succeed across a diverse range of industries. 

Capitalise on digital twin today

Make meaningful decisions about assets by investing in an emerging technology that can improve your maintenance, analytics, and planning processes right now. Let us show you how. 

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