RedEye Wildfire Management Platform

World-first wildfire protection technology for asset owners & critical infrastructure operators

A first-to-market innovation, this
technology integrates a science-based
approach with relevant high-definition
data and powerful technologies including
simulation, spatial data mapping,
long-term and forecast weather
products, analytics, machine learning,
asset and work management software. 

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Predict, plan and prepare
with precision accuracy

RedEye Wildfire Management Platform and BurnSafe digital technology solutions enable asset owners and critical infrastructure operators to plan and protect against the disastrous effects of wildfire with precision data modeling, specific to a defined area, enabling evidence-based decision making. 

Every dollar invested in prevention and preparedness saves lives, protects our environment, and saves tens/hundreds of millions of dollars in response and recovery.

Protect built and natural assets with thorough preparedness strategies

Investing in preparedness can save millions of dollars in disaster recovery costs, prevent built and natural asset damage (including to the surrounding environment, sacred sites and sites of cultural significance), keep critical infrastructure operating and protect against loss of life. 

Reduce downtime and
de-energizing by isolating areas of greatest risk

Make informed decisions about wildfire impacts to your commercial operations. Minimize the areas you de-energize and reduce downtime for critical infrastructure by identifying areas of concern with pinpoint accuracy.

Avoid potential litigation with compliant wildfire risk planning

Reduce your exposure to litigation by enabling compliant risk mitigation strategies based on precise data specific to your defined area and asset location.

Execute safe maintenance work based on deep area insight

Intricate grid-level data enables you to take compliant precautionary measures to protect employees and execute safe maintenance work. 

Stay compliant with a robust wildfire risk mitigation framework

Maintain risk compliance with a strong and reliable framework for effective wildfire mitigation strategies and preparedness planning. 

Bring best-practice wildfire preparedness into your commercial operation

Deploy market-leading wildfire simulation modeling at an intricate level with grid zone data for an outlook up to six days ahead.  

Time-centric modular risk mitigation

A Scientific Approach

RedEye Wildfire Management Platform and BurnSafe application are a world-first protection technology that, unlike anything on the market, focuses on a time-centric approach to wildfire risk mitigation and management steps for Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery with an underlying goal; to help asset owners and critical infrastructure operators safeguard against the impacts of wildfire and protect against loss of life.

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Protect lives and infrastructure by planning with precision data

Make confident, informed decisions to keep assets and people safe

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Minimize loss of property and protect life with compliant preparedness strategies

Being adequately prepared can minimize damage to assets, property and personnel.

Reduce exposure to litigation by deploying a compliant wildfire risk protection framework based on precise area-specific insights.
With a single source of data truth, you can make informed operational decisions backed by evidence quickly, giving peace of mind.

Make fast decisions backed by evidence
Reduce exposure to litigation
Create a single source of data truth

Multi-layered data delivering modeling for your defined zones

Make sound commercial decisions, keeping operations running & reducing unnecessary downtime

Deploy market-leading preparedness strategies, minimizing the need for de-energizing and operational downtime

Planning with multi-layered insights and up to a six-day outlook allows you to make informed commercial decisions to keep operations running and execute safe maintenance work. 

Protect your assets and personnel with the most advanced wildfire risk technology on the market

Exceeding global industry benchmarks in wildfire preparedness planning, RedEye BurnSafe puts the power of the most advanced technology into the palm of your hands, managing risk with the most accurate location-specific insights.

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Base your decisions on the most precise data and insights for your defined area

Taking weather forecast information, fuel load level data and terrain characteristics specific to your area of interest, you can plan and act with pinpoint accuracy.  

Empower fast, evidence-based decision making with advanced location insights

Reduce your exposure to potential litigation by enabling sophisticated risk-compliant mitigation strategies. Be empowered to make decisions fast, with the evidence you need to keep your organization and assets protected.

minimize exposure to risk and maintain wildfire preparedness compliance

Plan with precise location insights specific to your area with up to a six-day outlook

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The most precise planning for your defined area

Using sophisticated multi-layered data and insights specific to your area, you can take appropriate precautionary measures to minimize risk with a six-day outlook.

Drilling down to grid-level oversight, you can make articulate and considered decisions to minimize operational downtime and keep commercial operations running in a safe and compliant manner.

Build a compliant wildfire risk management framework
Deploy best-practice preparedness in your commercial operations
Prevent asset damage and protect against loss of life

Let us show you how to minimize risk & protect assets against the effects of wildfire.

Get in touch to schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn how you can minimize your risk and be better wildfire prepared with the RedEye Wildfire Management Platform and BurnSafe application. 

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