Empowering the Workforce through Digitalization

19 March, 2021

Does your team feel less empowered to understand and access information they require to work efficiently?  With growing complexity of operating and maintaining water facilities coupled with an ageing workforce, the existing water utility industry is facing new set of challenges.

The American Water Works Association's (AWWA) 2018 survey of water industry professionals lists renewal and replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure as the top issue facing the water industry.  Statistics show that over half of the industry is at least 40 years old. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that 8.2 percent of existing water operators will need to be replaced annually between 2016 and 2026.  Furthermore, the BLM reports over 30% turnover across the industrial sector. 

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Since the industry is expecting a huge outflux of labor along with high turnover, it becomes imperative to document the knowledge so that it can be retained.   The knowledge from the retiring workforce needs to be captured well to be used by the remaining as well as the future workforce. The remaining workforce should not feel the burden to work with insufficient information. In current times, COVID-19 has also increased the need for teams to access information remotely which further demands a centralized digital repository of information.

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RedEye has successfully been addressing these challenges over the years. Our solution is designed keeping in mind the requirements and convenience of your colleagues and teams. RedEye’s iOS and Android mobile apps continue to seamlessly bridge the gap between the field and office, enabling all staff to truly collaborate on critical engineering drawings and controlled documents. Our platform is powered by one of the most powerful search algorithms on the market.  Anyone can find what they need, when they need it, and can access it from anywhere.  Importantly, your workforce can now record critical engineering information in RedEye and store critical asset knowledge digitally in a system of record for perpetual future access. 

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