The Mining Industry: Joining The Digital Transformation Journey

SSR Mining (formerly Anagold Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.) is the operator of the world-class Çöpler Gold Mine in Turkey. The Çöpler Mine is located in east-central Turkey in the Erzincan Province, approximately 1,100 kilometers southeast from Istanbul and 550 kilometers east from Ankara, Turkey’s capital city.

In 2015, Alacer Gold (then a majority owner of Anagold) adopted RedEye to manage engineering data and drawings during the construction, handover, and operations of their $700 million Çöpler Sulfide Expansion Project (ÇSEP) in North East Turkey.

This involved merging ÇSEP data with legacy Operations data into one easily accessible data “bucket” – a single source of truth for engineering data and drawings. Leveraging asset management technology enables mine owners and operators to optimize O&M, directly impacting control, productivity, and safety.

RedEye enables organizations to digitally transform their records, pulling data from multiple locations into a single engineering drawing, data, and document management solution. Regardless of the age or history of your asset, records can be transformed into usable information to make data-driven decisions. Learn more about the SSR Mining (formerly Anagold) and RedEye journey below.

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Engineering Data Management from Expansion Project to Handover and Operations

"We chose RedEye to collect the documentation and the knowledge that was created during the project to handover to operations. It's easy and fast to implement and it's something that we can turn on as a software-as-a-service. Configuration is quick, the learning curve is low and with having access for mobile and any web portal and meant that when we were spread across the world as we were at the start of the project, everyone had access to the information as it was being created and reviewed."

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