Case Study: Knight Frank

June 17, 2021

Knight Frank Townsville was established in 1998 as the only full-service Property Valuation, Project Sales, Asset Management and Brokerage Firm in North Queensland. With a management portfolio in excess of $600m across 400 tenants, the partners and staff at Knight Frank Townsville are true locals and active leaders in the North Queensland community. 


In 2016, Partner and Managing Director, Craig Stack, investigated software solutions that would provide a visual representation of a property and its maintenance history to staff members, tenants, and owners at any time.  

RedEye’s Workforce Mobility solution was selected to complement Knight Frank Townsville’s existing facility management and accounting software, providing a scheduling and work management platform with a complete record of the property through activity reports, images, video, and audio.  

In this short video, Craig shares more about how his team have been able to provide better value to their clients through RedEye. 

Connecting People with Assets


During implementation, Craig and the team worked closely with RedEye to test the solution in the field. Craig shared that, “only 2 years ago, we were recording work orders in paper and faxing them through or emailing them through. That type of association doesn’t keep our innovators within the workforce engaged.” 

 Not only can I understand what’s happened in the past, I have the ability to store new records and data – anything I need to make correct decisions - for the building. I can easily see where contractors are, what they’re looking at, and an owner can open it up and see the roll out of different works that are happening on their building.

RedEye has improved the way Knight Frank Townsville deliver services to their asset owners through quicker response times to issues and more accurate and transparent reporting. Many of the properties managed by Knight Frank Townsville are 20-40 years of age, which means that project works can be ongoing for decades. Building a “corporate memory” is vital to safeguard Knight Frank Townsville and their clients against information silos or changes in staff.  

With higher transparency in asset and maintenance costs, the team at Knight Frank Townsville can be more proactive with preventative recommendations to their clients and ensure that their properties keep earning an income for decades to come. 

Digital transformation should create efficiency. With efficiencies, we’ve got a happier workplace and hopefully one that is more innovative and more valuable to our clients.

If you’d like to connect with the team at Knight Frank Townsville to learn more, let us know and we can put you directly in touch. 

Key Takeaways
  • Integrations with existing systems ensures easy access to a single source of truth 
  • Building a “corporate memory” safeguards businesses against information silos 
  • Client feedback and co-development opportunities are vital to achieving long term success 

The partners and staff of Knight Frank in North Queensland not only work in the region, they remain active within the wider North Queensland community as leaders within Chambers of Commerce, Property Council of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia and the Australian Property Institute, as well as local community and charitable associations. In this way, we provide our clients with the most informed, comprehensive, and holistic property service available. 

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