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Health Sector

Increasing demand on the health system and more medical technology means digitally-enabled operations are a must to remain viable and meet expectations for quality care.


Our impact in the Health sector

The correct management of engineering data and drawings is crucial to ideal patient outcomes and governance for healthcare providers.

Queensland Childresn Hospital

Following a 2015 expansion project, the Queensland Children’s Hopstial required a digital transformation to optimise the operation and maintenance of their healthcare facilities in Brisbane, Australia. A data management solution was implemented to invite their contractors, subcontractors and staff into a single platform to view, mark up and share engineering data and drawings.

Health sector solutions

Accurate, timely and complete decisions from a single source of truth.

Solutions DMS 295 x 200
RedEye DMS

Use RedEye DMS to superbly organise, find, markup and share accurate asset data and engineering drawings. 

Solutions WFM 295 x 200
RedEye WFM

Use RedEye WFM to improve how your team conducts work on-site, collects data about asset health, and completes audits. 

Solutions DT 1 295 x 200
RedEye Digital Twin

Future-proof your organisation. Embrace 3D digital models that help you visualise asset data for more actionable insights.   

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