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Health Sector

Our SaaS solutions give hospitals and critical care facilities reliable access to current data and insights to enable optimum and efficient facilities management. This ensures teams can focus on what’s important – delivering ideal patient care.

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Our impact in the Health sector

The correct management of engineering data and drawings is crucial to ideal patient outcomes and governance for healthcare providers.

Queensland Childresn Hospital

Queensland Children’s Hosptial digitally transformed the operation and maintenance of their healthcare facilities in Brisbane, Australia. Creating a single source of operational truth with RedEye, the connected more than 20 contractors and managed more than 45,000 engineering drawings in a single platform to view, mark up and share engineering data and drawings.

Workforce Mobility

Mobile Workforce Management

Manage work

Plan, schedule, assign or create ad-hoc work for field staff and contractors using standardised forms and work instructions

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Add attachments

Associate relevant files and engineering data to work, assets, locations and issues

Custom attributes

Create and update custom attributes for assets and issues with a full audit history including geo tagging and timestamps

Instant approvals

Receive real-time feedback from the field with reviews and approvals, ensuring that work quality and business processes are maintained

Digitising operations across the Health Sector

We’re committed to keeping the world’s critical infrastructure running.  It’s why leading organisations all over the world trust us to help manage more than $250bn in assets globally.

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RedEye DMS

Use RedEye DMS to superbly organise, find, markup and share accurate asset data and engineering drawings. 

Solutions WFM 295 x 200
RedEye WFM

Use RedEye WFM to improve how your team conducts work on-site, collects data about asset health, and completes audits. 

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RedEye Digital Twin

Future-proof your organisation. Embrace 3D digital models that help you visualise asset data for more actionable insights.   

Improved asset management for better patient outcomes

When well-oiled asset management drives your success, it pays to work with a team that understands how to address your industrys challenges.