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How does Landscape Risk help Councils quantify ROI in Bushfire Preparedness?

This webinar provides the foundation for Councils to understand the relationship between bushfire preparedness activities (e.g. planned/prescribed burns, mechanical fuel reduction, poisoning etc.), the cost of undertaking those activities, and the quantitative change in bushfire risk as a result of the activities.

Using this information, bushfire managers can - for the first time - understand and present the impact of seasonal mitigation planning as a change in risk and Return on Investment to the Council executive, identify where preparedness spend may be better utilised, and highlight areas where further investment may reduce bushfire risk exposure.

Previously hosted Thursday Aug 18, 2022
Duration: 1 hour

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Meet the Industry experts who will be presenting this session.


Andrew Sturgess

Technical Director, Bushfire, RedEye 

As the first accredited Fire Behaviour Analyst (FBAN) in Australasia and bringing a career in the fire industry spanning more than three decades, Andrew is dedicated to using his years of frontline and in-field experience and the latest innovations in technology and science to connect this with operations for the development of preparedness capabilities.

As part of a specialist team at RedEye, Andrew is pioneering a world-first specialist bushfire management technology for asset owners and critical infrastructure operators to aid in better preparedness measures, and to minimise the effects of fire disasters.

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MarkH edit

Mark Harrington

Commercial Director, Bushfire, RedEye

With more than thirty years’ experience in Defence, Government and commercial organisations, Mark is well-versed in analysis and management of complexity in technical, data and process domains.  

Within the bushfire team, Mark’s responsibility encompasses commercial engagements and contracts, project management and customer engagement.


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