The digital ecosystem powering water supply in Southern Nevada

3 December, 2021

Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) and its member agencies serve more than 2.1 million residents in Southern Nevada. As a wholesale water provider, SNWA is responsible for water treatment and delivery, as well as acquiring and managing long-term water resources for Southern Nevada.

Following a 10-year program to upgrade its pumping stations and treatment plants, the water provider was left with a large volume of asset data and drawings in multiple formats, across multiple locations.

SNWA sought a solution to centralise and manage over 464,000 drawings, and ensure they were more readily accessible for all users. RedEye DMS was selected as the platform of choice to create a single source of truth for SNWA's asset data and drawings. The migration project saw a 24% reduction in drawings to 351,000.

The video below outlines some of the other ways in which SNWA's engineers and water resource managers are gaining significant efficiencies from using RedEye either in the field or head office.


“With 200,000 sets of engineering and construction plans detailing our valley’s 6,500 miles of water transmission and delivery pipelines as well as reservoirs, pumping stations and treatment plants, introducing RedEye is expected to provide our engineers and field crews ready-access to the engineering records they utilize daily," said Greg Kodweis, Director of Infrastructure Management, Las Vegas Valley Water District.

Download the full case study to learn more about how SNWA is using RedEye to take a proactive approach to maintenance, improving safety and productivity, and improving the customer experience.

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