The digitisation project energising critical medical centres

27 January, 2022

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) provides critical steam and chilled water for the Texas Medical Center (TMC) campus - the largest medical city in the world.

Customers serviced by TECO use steam for space heating, dehumidification, humidification, sterilisation, kitchen, sanitary and research. Chilled water is used for space cooling, cold rooms and refrigeration. In all, TECO’s combined-heat-and-power-based system pipes steam and chilled water to 24.3 million sq ft in 51 buildings in 17 different institutions. 

TECO's two interconnected plants, which house 27 chillers and nine boilers, form the largest district cooling centre in North America.

As a result of ongoing expansion projects, the company had over 20,000 engineering drawings that were not digitalised. This made it difficult for employees and engineers to locate key documents across various physical and online locations.

TECO sought a solution to streamline drawings, attach training videos and other documents, which was easy to maintain and use. It was vital for all key stakeholders to have quick access to this content. 

Upon engagement, RedEye helped to audit over 20,000 engineering drawings and documents, migrate them into RedEye DMS, eliminate duplicates and ensure the revision history was accurate. 

“The benefits were immediate with search times for critical information being reduced from what was sometimes days or weeks to seconds even before full implementation. We are facing the reality that many of our engineers/employees are going to retire over the next few years, and we want to ensure that the knowledge of our infrastructure is passed to our young engineers and operators. RedEye is making that happen," said Steve Swinson, President and CEO, TECO.

Download the full case study to learn more about how RedEye is now supporting TECO to digitally manage, access, update and share their facilities information quickly, easily and in perpetuity.

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