Case Study: Snowy Hydro

4 November, 2020

Snowy Hydro manage 16 power stations and provide electricity and gas to over 1 million households and businesses across Australia. The 1974 Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme is the largest engineering project undertaken in Australia and holds a place on the Australian National Heritage List.   Today, Snowy Hydro remain innovative leaders and continue to solve energy challenges through the Snowy 2.0 project.

Prior to adopting RedEye, Snowy Hydro had legacy systems in place with decades of engineering drawings spread over multiple locations and file types. In this short video, Greg Falconer, Manager Engineering Systems and Support, and Nick Skobelkin, Asset Management and Engineering, share how RedEye has improved engineering drawing and data management at Snowy Hydro. 

"Basically, RedEye came along at just the right time. We had some old systems in place for the best part of 20 years. We had a huge drawing collection which is a critical cornerstone for pretty much all of our technical staff. What we've been able to do is have the people that are working with that asset quickly markup a drawing and the turnaround time for that drawing to be visible for the rest of our Snowy population is very important."


One of the biggest problems RedEye solves is a single point of truth. With other systems, you often send your information out. As soon as that information is sent out, it’s uncontrolled and it opens you up to financial and safety risks. With RedEye, you have the advantage of inviting people in to access that information rather than giving them potentially old information. When you’ve got access to the latest information, you’re more informed, you can make better decisions, and you’re less likely to get hurt. 

“Our digital transformation is about making that information available to all of our employees, anywhere, at any time.”

Energy generators, transmission services, distribution networks and retailers play an important role in supporting economic growth and enriching lifestyles across the country with power. RedEye supports power utilities to more easily manage assets, deliver projects and maintain networks efficiently and safely.


Snowy Hydro Limited Annual Report 2018–19 | Transparency Portal

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