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5 March, 2021

A major player in the provision of healthcare and critical health services for children across the state, Queensland Children’s Hospital deployed a RedEye digital data asset management platform, connecting more than 20 contractors with internal staff for optimum facilities operations with minimal downtime.  

Queensland Children's Hospital 

Queensland’s only quaternary Children’s Hospital, Queensland Children's Health is a 359-bed precinct located in South Brisbane, it is the single specialist paediatrics hospital for Queensland, caring for the sickest and most critically injured children from across the state.

The Challenge

The underlying requirement in the management of facilities operations was a need for a mechanism by which the organisation could integrate asset data and engineering drawings while managing version control in a data compliant way. The other crucial component was a need for a single reference source point that could bring together information being shared across internal staff and outsourced contractors.

Facilities management for Queensland Children’s Health meant dealing with lots of data moving between internal staff, contractors and sub-contractors across multiple divisions. This recent precinct of the hospital is about 359 beds and required the ability store, edit, collaborate and share more than 45,000
architectural drawings.

With an operation of this scale, being able to have quick access to the most current versions of engineering drawings and data was critical to conduct safe and efficient maintenance work.

Ensuring facilities are running at optimal levels with minimal downtime is minimised is absolutely pivotal to the provision of ideal patient care – which for the Queensland Children’s Health team, is at the heart of everything they do.

“ This precinct of the hospital is 359 beds – so from a clinical perspective,
you want your child to be looked after instantly, in this moment. And that’s the number one priority. If I can have the facilities working ASAP to allow that to happen. That is a fabulous outcome.” 
Detlef Murach
Building Document Coordinator, Children’s Health Queensland.

The Solution 

This project required ingesting 45,000 artefacts for the 359 bed precinct. Working across more than 20 contractors and sub-contractors, the team could simply and efficiently plan and execute safe maintenance work, with certainty that the data being referred to was the latest information.

Functionally, the time saving from adopting the RedEye platform was very visible. The platform not only provided a framework to manage and share asset data in a compliant way but reduced the amount of time spent searching for versions of information.

The metadata tagging functionality within the platform reduced the search time, for staff and contractors. Being able to alter that metadata to suit the individual situation means it can be very specific and the ability to view it and refine it delivers optimum transparency. The version history and tracking provide complete assurance that the information being worked with is the most current. 

RedEye checked and reviewed the drawing being uploaded, so if there are formatted minimum requirements missing, it prompts for these to be physically checked with the contractor or staff member.

As work was being completed, the drawings could be marked-up on a tablet, phone screen or by hand and saved into RedEye DMS. This gave the team a timely and accurate picture of the asset landscape. They were also able to respond to issues in a much more efficient manner.

“ We have 45,000 drawings and more than 20 contractors to manage. It allows us to respond a lot quicker to issues that we
have in the hospital, especially the more difficult to find issues.”
Bruce Bonney
Facilities Maintenance Manager, Children’s Health Queensland.

The Queensland Children’s Health team are now able to manage and respond to issues a lot quicker, ultimately delivering a positive impact on the provision of ideal patient care.

Find out more about how RedEye digital technology solutions are powering asset and drawing management across health and critical care providers here


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