Painted Picture

Our Painted Picture is our version of a Handbook. In our Painted Picture you’ll learn what we do, how we do it, where we’re going and how we plan to get there. We created our Painted Picture in 2015 when we were just six team members, and it has evolved with the team as we’ve grown.  

If you are a new team member, welcome to RedEye! We hope you have a rewarding experience working with us to make a difference for our clients. If you are thinking about joining RedEye we are excited to share more with you about who we are!  




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Our Values

Our values align RedEye to our clients.
We are a client focused business.
What we do everyday at RedEye should make a difference to our clients. 
We will always experience change as we grow at RedEye, and we all have a responsibility here to champion this journey. We need to be open about how we can continue to do things better, how we are going to scale and how we are going to adapt.
Our culture and values are our foundations and it’s what makes RedEye a great place to work. 
I've got your back
  • Our clients; what can I do to make sure my client has the best experience working with us
  • As a team; having each others' back to achieve success for our clients and our team. Being consistent, empathetic, giving fast feedback, communicating effectively and driving inclusivity together 
I get shit done
  • We have to do what we promised and deliver in the time frame we promised (sense of urgency). If you can’t deliver then let someone know because other people are depending on you (being transparent) 

  • We have to plan, schedule and execute and then do a lessons learned (stop, plan, schedule, do)
  • We all have to be hands on; we’re all responsible for doing and delivering 
We’re making a difference
  • To our clients, to our team, for our shareholders & in our community 
  • Making a difference comes as a result of having each others' backs, getting shit done that propels our clients forward and creates opportunities for all of us.
  • We are all responsible for doing things that make our business better  

It all started with our Brand Promise at RedEye. Our promise to our clients, our team and our community in everything we do.

We created our Brand Promise because we want our clients to have a remarkable experience with us.

RedEye Brand Promise - Easy+Fast+Relevant+Secure=Essential


Our solutions are easy to use (zero training) and we are easy to work with (good and frequent communication, approachable). Our templates & documentation is clear, concise and easy to follow (eg. website, proposals, presentations etc.). Our processes are simple and easy to follow (we don't introduce process for the sake of process - we're agile!)  


We operate with a sense of urgency. Our applications are fast; our response time is quick. We iterate (quickly) to ensure we maintain our competitive advantage. 


We design and build our solutions with our clients, not for our clients. We encourage everyone at RedEye to spend time with our clients to validate and get feedback on designs, ideas and initiatives to ensure they are relevant.  We get our client's input on our technology roadmap so we don't build or implement irrelevant features, data, requirements etc.


Our internal process, policies and practices keep our client’s data secure both virtually and physically. We are ISO27001 certified which gives our clients confidence in our capability to securely manage their data.


We work with passion to deliver success and an amazing experience for our clients. We are subject matter experts, providing industry best practice advice. If everything we do is easy, fast, relevant and secure, RedEye will be an essential platform and partner for our clients.

At RedEye, our Vision is to:

Make the world’s critical infrastructure safer, easier, and more efficient to operate and maintain.

We deliver on our Vision by providing:

A SaaS platform that makes the world’s critical infrastructure asset data more
available, useable, and valuable

(our Mission).

Our products and services, enable our clients to:  

  • Access accurate asset data and engineering drawings that are easy to find, use and control. 

  • Keep their teams and assets connected with a visual work management tool that provides assets in real-time 

  • Mitigate risks with world-first bushfire protection technology (for asset owners & critical infrastructure operators)

Ultimately, our Purpose is to:

Keep the world’s critical infrastructure operating. 

We’re designing and building our products and services in alignment with our long-term strategy, where our clients are always front of mind.

We call it: The Four Peaks

Painted Picture 4 Peaks-1

Our customers are organisations that own and operate assets that are highly available, highly regulated and highly complex; typically the critical infrastructure market. 

This includes:

  • Power,
  • Water,
  • Mining,
  • Oil & Gas,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Health,
  • Government & Transport.

Some of our customers include:


Our culture principles describe the behaviours we expect of each other everyday.  

  • Personal Responsibility:
    We do what we say, we do it well and we do it quickly!
  • Frugal:
    We’re thoughtful about what we invest in
  • Urgency:
    Getting the right things done quickly and well! 
  • No surprises:
    Communication is key
  • Safety:
    at work, onsite & travelling.
  • Inclusive:
    We value our people for their unique qualities, attributes, ideas and insights. We want everyone to feel that they are included and can bring their whole and best selves to work.

We are thoughtful about creating an inclusive environment for our team. For us, this means respecting each others perspectives, backgrounds and opinions, ensuring everyone has a chance to have a say or give feedback, and being flexible about how and when we work to accommodate everyone’s needs. Everyone at RedEye is treated equally with dignity, courtesy and respect. It’s part of having each others back. 

We are proud of the diversity of our team here at RedEye, we believe that having a diverse team enables us to deliver the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our customers. 


Diversity Stats-02

We value inclusion and diversity and support our staff to reach their full potential. We have taken an intersectional approach to our inclusion and diversity strategy, policies and initiatives at RedEye, including:

  • Recruitment and selection decisions based on merit and not affected by irrelevant personal characteristics; 

  • The right to raise issues or to make an enquiry or complaint in a reasonable and respectful manner without being victimised; 

  • Flexible working arrangements, especially where needed to accommodate your family responsibilities, disability, religious beliefs or culture. 

  • Celebrating cultural days and events to create connections across our team and build awareness around diversity & inclusion.


Our HQ is Brisbane-based at 138 Mary St. in the CBD.

We also have offices in:

  • Las Vegas,
  • Colorado, and
  • Houston.   

We have a flat structure at RedEye, with 6 core teams:

  • Customer Operations,
  • Commercial,
  • Product,
  • Finance,
  • Culture & People, 
  • and North America.  

Find out more about our Executive Leadership Team.


We don’t want to overburden our team with policies, cumbersome procedures and red-tape, after all it's one of the reasons people come to work with us; so we can move quickly, remove bureaucracy and iterate on things as we grow.

Instead, we’ve introduced a number of frameworks which guide our team to make decisions, ensure alignment and create focus.


Objectives & Key Results underpin how we operate at RedEye. We decided to implement OKRs at RedEye because we felt that it was a simple, clear and transparent method to create focus, keep us aligned and ensure we are all heading in the right direction.

OKRs are goals that are set quarterly across the business and align RedEye's corporate goals with team and individual goals. Everyone at RedEye will have an individual OKR each quarter that contributes to their team OKRs and RedEye’s corporate OKR.  



Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned help us all to share knowledge, learn from each other, optimise our processes & documentation, make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.

We ask 3 questions:

  • What went well?
  • What could we do better next time? 
  • What are the next steps?

Lessons Learned are recommendations for the future based on past experience (a project, a meeting, a decision). The lesson can be positive or constructive and can be based both on success or failure of the past experience.


Lessons Learned

We have to plan, schedule and execute and then do a lessons learned (stop, plan, schedule, do)

Levels of Delegation

The four levels of delegation
All RedEye Leaders need to practice effective delegation to help develop the next generation of leaders, and free themselves up to focus on growing RedEye to the next level.

Delegation does not mean micro-managing. It means giving team members some level of authority to act on a Manager or more senior team members behalf. Team members need to demonstrate mastery at each stage of the Levels of Delegation before a manager can move them to the next. Likewise, managers need to assess team members skills at each level and coach them when they don’t get things right. 

At RedEye, everyone starts at Level 1, regardless of their role or seniority.  

Level 1 - Assess 

Give your team member a task or a problem to investigate and ask them to come up with some solutions. This first level of delegation puts information gathering in the hands of the employee, but keeps decision-making and control in the hands of the manager.

Level 2 - Recommend 

Ask them to provide some alternative solutions to the problem they investigated, and tell you which one they would recommend. Again, you retain complete control of the decision that is ultimately made.

Level 3 - Plan 

The recommendation and design of the action plan is in the hands of the employee, but keeps you in the role of decision-maker. You should discuss the proposed action plan with the employee before implementation begins. It gives you a chance to coach employees, help them anticipate problems, and discuss ways to deal with those problems.

Level 4 - Do 

Your team member is ready to handle decision-making on their own, and to be held fully accountable for the outcome. However, no surprises! Ask for exception reporting. Make sure that everyone knows that when there’s news – good or bad (i.e. exceptions to what we expect) – you want to hear it from them.


Do it. Document it. Improve it.  
  • Done is better than perfect.  
  • We need to focus first on execution and use the experience to document what we do… as we repeat the experience we can look for ways to improve it. 
  • Be thoughtful about how much time, money and energy we invest in things.  

Collaboration / communication 
  • Weekly team huddles; every Tuesday at 9am (Brisbane time) we all come together (virtually) for a team huddle. There is a brief update from each area of the business, we welcome new starters, share company announcements and celebrate wins. We kick-off with a share from the team where anyone can share a win, a culture shoutout or a lessons learned.  
  • Development cycles / sprints; our development teams work in a two-weekly sprint cycle.  
  • Social club; our social club is open for anyone to join! We meet monthly and plan a quarterly event for the team.  
  • Microsoft Teams is the communication hub for the business.  

We have a flexible working environment at RedEye. You can work from home whenever you are not required to be in the office. When working remotely we need to be productive, it’s about having each others backs, getting shit done and making a difference. 

Our team have the flexibility to work from home, the office or anywhere with a (secure) WiFi connection! There are times when it makes sense to plan to meet together in the office. 

These include: 

  • Team all-hands meetings  
  • Collaboration on team strategies and workshops 
  • Project workshops  
  • To provide onboarding support to new starters (and help our new starters put a face to a name)  

We expect our Managers to be thoughtful when scheduling meetings and asking our team to come into the office.  

WFH / Remote

RedEye supports flexible work practices that allows team members greater flexibility and balance between work and personal needs (such as family or caring responsibilities). In certain circumstances it may be necessary for RedEye to request or require you to work remotely or from home, such as in the circumstances of the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. 

We encourage open and transparent discussions with your Manager and team for individual & team working from home arrangements and expectations (eg. deliverables, communication, availability) to ensure alignment and collaboration, so we can all be as effective at home as in the office.   

Everyone at RedEye has responsibilities under work health and safety laws to ensure that work is carried out safely at home or in the office. Our Working From Home Policy outlines measures to ensure everyone is maintaining a safe work environment at home. 

In the office 

Our office is available for any team members to access and work from 24/7. All staff are provided with an access card for the office. We have a number of quiet rooms and designated meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment available for remote meetings. A majority of our office space is designated to hot desks for staff to use when in the office. Lockers and shower facilities are also available.   

We try get everyone together as a team at least once every two months for lunch, social events or all hands in the office.  

Flexible working arrangements

RedEye offers flexible working arrangements to all team members and encourage you to discuss your options with your Manager. Flexible working arrangements could include hours, location & days (part-time / job share) opportunities to accommodate family responsibilities, a disability, religious beliefs or culture. 

Collaboration / communication 
  • Weekly team huddles; every Tuesday at 9am (Brisbane time) we all come together (virtually) for a team huddle. There is a brief update from each area of the business, we welcome new starters, share company announcements and celebrate wins. We kick-off with a share from the team where anyone can share a win, a culture shoutout or a lessons learned.  
  • Development cycles / sprints; our development teams work in a two-weekly sprint cycle.  
  • Social club; our social club is open for anyone to join! We meet monthly and plan a quarterly event for the team.  
  • Microsoft Teams is the communication hub for the business.  

Our reputation depends on us keeping our client’s data secure both virtually and physically. 

We have an obligation to each other and our clients to take security seriously:  

  • Physical Security; We lock our computers when we’re not at our desks, we lock the doors when we leave the office and we don’t leave our devices on planes, in Ubers or in hotel rooms  
  • Data Security; Whether it’s on a USB stick, laptop, piece of paper or in the cloud, we need to be mindful of any data that you have access to or physically control  
  • Personal Security; We are all personally responsible for ensuring we use secure passwords, encrypt our devices and we notify our Head of Engineering & Security, Marc if you notice something that doesn’t seem right.  
Career Pathways at RedEye

We are currently building career pathways for every role at RedEye. Our team tells us one of the best things about working at RedEye is getting exposure to lots of different roles, industries, coaches and mentors allowing people to develop a really strong toolkit of skills and experience.

We want to create career pathways at RedEye to give our team opportunities to formally progress and be recognised for their skills, development and contribution to our team. We advertise all of our new roles internally to ensure our team are aware of and are considered for opportunities available in all areas of the business.  

Feedback & reviews 

We encourage fast feedback at RedEye. Everyone at Redeye has monthly OKR check-ins with their Manager as well as a quarterly team & individual OKR setting & scoring sessions. We also have 6-monthly career conversations.  

RedEye Leadership Team

The RLT includes all Managers (those with direct reports) and Senior Leaders reporting to the ELT. The RLT is responsible for enabling communication vertically and horizontally across RedEye, to deliver continuous improvement across the business, individual and team development, and ultimately support the RedEye brand promise.

The RLT will deliver on this through Communication: breaking down silos, sharing lessons learned, avoiding work replication and delivering on Tailored Initiatives: activities that proactively improve the way RedEye operates such as our quarterly all-hands company retro.  

Learning & Development 

We encourage our team members to take ownership of their training and development through the support and guidance provided by RedEye. Training and learning takes many different forms for different people and teams at RedEye including, coaching & mentoring, on-the-job training, team training sessions, formal training & qualifications and networking / attending conferences.

The most effective development is usually a combination of all of the above and we encourage our team members to discuss their options with their Manager.  

We care about supporting the communities that support us.  


RedEye is excited to partner with a number of local Universities to offer internship, project placement and graduate opportunities for students. A number of our team members are recent graduates who have been able to wear several different hats at RedEye, gaining experiences that have built strong foundations for their careers.

Our staff often participate as guest Lecturers, Speakers, mentors or judges for events to support STEM initiatives. If you are a University and would like to partner with RedEye please reach out to our General Manager of Culture & People, Louise -  


Our team gets behind causes that matter.

We’ve supported: 


Mental health is an important topic, we all have a role to play. We’re all working hard to create a great culture at RedEye, having each other’s back is a core value because we want to create a family not just a business. We need to recognise when people on our team are under too much stress or pressure and jump in and have their backs.

If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, please know that we really care. We know it’s hard to talk about, but the best way forward is to speak with someone you trust, your friends, your family, or one of the RedEye team, or your GP. The sooner you talk to someone the faster you’ll get on a better path. Refer to our Workplace Health and Safety Policy which guides our team members on what to do if you aren’t feeling yourself or if you notice a team member is not themselves and what support is available.

Recharge Days

In 2018 we introduced RedEye Recharge Days. Everyone at RedEye has 2 RedEye Recharge Days a year in addition to your annual leave and your sick leave.

You will receive 1 RedEye Recharge Day on the day you start at RedEye and then you will accrue 1 RedEye Recharge Day each six months.

There’s a catch!

You must take your RedEye Recharge Day within 6 months, there’s no carry overs, it’s there to be used (i.e you should take one between Jan June, and another between Jul Dec).

After 3-years of service with RedEye you will receive an extra Recharge Day for each year you've been at RedEye.

For example, after 3 years with RedEye, you will have 3 RedEye Recharge Days to use for the year, after 6 years with RedEye, you will have 6 RedEye Recharge Days to use for the year

So plan a day off to recharge, maybe make it a long weekend, whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. It’s a no work day, no calls, no sneaky emails, it really is time for you and everyone else needs to respect that.

Hear from some of our team members

We asked some of our team members what they love about working at RedEye
Louise Sharman
General Manager - Culture & People
Lou 720x720

“RedEye's parental leave support and flexible working arrangements have enabled me to return to work at my own pace and achieve a good work life balance.”

Oliver Nijimbere
Oliver Nijimbere
Market Development Representative
Oliver 720x720

"Coming into Redeye from high school has been an awesome experience, it is a very big opportunity for me to learn and develop myself."


Jamie Milne
Jamie Milne
Channel Partner
Jaimie 720x720

"RedEye have always had my back and knowing I was coming back to such a supportive environment, made the process of returning to work after Maternity leave less stressful and more exciting."


Interested in a career at RedEye?

If you're just looking for a job, RedEye isn’t for you.

At RedEye we care deeply about delivering our Brand Promise to our customers every day.

RedEye Brand Promise Easy-Fast-Relevant-Secure =Essential

Why do we do this?
To ensure our customers have an amazing experience with us, achieve ongoing success, and adopt RedEye as an essential partner. To deliver on our Brand Promise, we need remarkable people who care about striving to achieve their very best, not only for us and our customers, but for themselves and their career.

Through our brand promise, we’re making a difference.

If you want to do the same, we’re keen to hear all about the passion you could bring on board in your application. 

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Reach out to Louise, our Head of Culture & People, for a confidential conversation.