RedEye's DMS + GIS Integration

The power of critical asset data with spatial insights accessible anywhere, anytime.


RedEye's DMS + GIS Integration

RedEye now offers powerful geographic information systems (GIS) integration capabilities through RedEye's asset data management software RedEyeDMS.

GIS integration features extend RedEye’s spatial capabilities, allowing users to create geospatial boundaries on a map and search for drawings and documents within that defined area. Spatial information (points, lines, polygons) from the GIS is stored with relevant asset drawings and documents in DMS.

Overlapping Artefacts Zoomed In

Users can search for artefacts using a combination of a geospatial boundary and standard search filters. 

Similarly, the geographic zoning feature could be used to improve safety on mining sites and any other sites where field workers need to be aware of hazardous or security-restricted areas.

If for example, an engineer arrived onsite to complete maintenance work, they could use the RedEye DMS mobile application to quickly pull up relevant location-based isolation procedures, including drawings and other media. They could see at a glance, how to isolate a specific piece of equipment in order to work on it safely.

Like any common mapping functionality, maps can be displayed through RedEye DMS in street, 3D, and aerial view. Organisations can choose to use the provided base maps and add their own map layers if they choose.

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Revolutionising asset management

Our vision is to make data more available, usable and valuable—we’re committed to improving our solutions to let you capitalise on your asset data in more effective ways.

Evolve our product into a platform

Making asset data a true profit and efficiency-driver across your operation requires a more holistic suite of features, which is why our ultimate aim is to create an integrated platform. More functionality: one unified and intuitive interface.

Support richer data sets

In the future, RedEye users will be able to capture more data in more formats including 3D drawings, IIoT, information from your control room, and data from across your digital ecosystem. Furthermore, our analytics capabilities and dashboards will evolve to help you use this data, in conjunction with clever algorithms, in even more predictive and proactive ways.

Embrace new technologies

We’ll continue to incorporate and support your adoption of cutting-edge technologies, like our digital twin models. Future integration of tech like IoT, AI, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality will support real-time spatial models that allow asset managers to intuitively simulate, analyse and predict asset condition.

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